Diverse experience creates broad specialization

With over 80 years of executive experience and a field leadership with over 200 years of experience, our areas of specialization reflect that experience. From a complicated Wastewater Treatment Plant to Marine Pile Driving to Site Work to Emergency Interstate Repairs, JJID possesses the assets and experience to get the Job done.

Mechanical: Water & Wastewater

Over the years, JJID has expanded and diversified into areas of mechanical and waste water treatment in order to better serve clients with utility, drainage and wastewater treatment needs. JJID performs municipal work including automation upgrades, the rehabilitation of waste water treatment facilities, force mains and pump stations together with the new installation of lift stations and grit chambers. The overwhelming need for renovation and rehabilitation of waste and water plants constructed in the last 40 years has also led to our developing a sub-specialty in this area. Owners, Developers, Municipalities, Construction Managers and General Contractors are often times faced with the construction of new water or waste water facilities in conjunction with the approval of the infrastructure for new development plans. JJID is able to provide a “total site package” including the construction and installation of these facilities.

JJID has performed over 20 Pump Station projects for Municipalities like Baltimore County and State agencies like DNREC. The projects range from 500,000 dollars to 5 million dollars. JJID has performed these projects on time, on budget, and delighted owners with the quality of their craftsmanship.


Excavation is more complicated than just moving dirt if you want the job done right. It is important to consider factors including the site’s overall contour, the characteristics of the soil, drainage challenges, building pad placement and any possible future expansion plans. JJID is experienced in working in all types of environments and understands the big picture when it comes to proper site preparation and coordination of the various trades.

JJID’s professional managers and experienced equipment operators have the expertise and equipment necessary to make your project a success. Many members of our field personnel have been part of the team at JJID since our inception and have more than 40 years’ experience in the industry.

JJID operates and maintains a full inventory of equipment and trucks necessary to carry out a wide range of excavation and site work projects. We have a growing fleet of earthmoving equipment, complemented with supplier and equipment rental agreements, to make your job a success.

Our continual focus on quality workmanship and timely project completion has earned JJID many satisfied clients. This has also lead to specialization in remediation of polluted soils- working with and employing subject matter experts to identify the best facilities to dispose of these soils and finding the most economical solution for our client. One such example is with DNREC at the former NVF Facility in Yorklyn, Delaware in 2017. JJID had to deal with highly contaminated soil in a High-Risk work area where ground water contamination and open water source contamination- were of top concern. JJID excavated and removed an estimated 23,000 cys of contaminated soil, 4800 cys of concrete and steel from old structures, replaced 3300 cys of topsoil, placed over 7000 cys of fill, placed over 350 tons of Stone, created a new stream and drainage system, created runoff areas for Red Clay Creek, seeded for grass and planted new trees in a condensed 6-month time frame.

Underground Utilities

JJID has the equipment, experience and the skilled personnel necessary to safely and efficiently perform all types of underground utility projects, both large and small. Every year JJID installs miles of underground utilities, from underground utility repairs, partial replacements and water line installations for both private and public utilities to complete water, storm water and sewer systems as part of much more involved site work packages.

JJID has put over 1,000,000 linear feet of pipe in the ground on projects ranging from a 10 million dollar site development package for K Hovnanian to Sinkhole contracts with DelDOT. We have numerous pipe crews with years of experience, JJID has shown itself to be well versed in the complexities and finesse required to efficiently install underground utilities.

Pile Driving

JJID has extensive in-house pile driving capabilities and in addition to self-performing pile driving on public sector projects, often performs pile driving for Owners, General Contractors and Other Contractors as part of a total site work package or subcontract basis.

JJID employs both management and field personnel with decades of pile driving experience, including NCCCO Certified Crane Operators.

On the equipment side, JJID maintains a fleet of conventional lattice boom cranes ranging in capacity from 50 tons to 110 tons, primarily dedicated to pile driving. Most recently we expanded our pile driving capabilities by investing in several different excavator mounted vibratory side grip hammers, specially adapted to drive both steel and wood piles. Each mounts to a 30 ton or larger weight class excavator and is capable of driving steel (H pile, Pipe pile or Sheet pile) and wood pile (round pile and wooden sheets)  up to 40’ long. These two specialty machines are ideally suited for tight locations, wetland projects, and marine work, including barge applications.

As such JJID is able to quickly respond to most anything from temporary shoring for the installation of utilities to much larger projects such as the replacement of the Milton Library Bulkhead and the Russell Peterson Boardwalk.

Pile Driving Classifications that JJID performs includes the following;

  • Bridge Piers and Abutments
  • Building and Structure Foundations
  • Cofferdams
  • Temporary and Permanent Excavation Support
  • Retaining Walls
  • Marine Bulkheads and Piers
  • Timber Boardwalks, Bridges and Piers

Site Work

JJID has completed extensive private building and development site work for both large and small projects. A partial listing of Construction Managers with whom JJID has completed projects include: Ambling Construction, Bellevue Holding, EDiS, Irwin & Leighton, L.F. Jennings, Pettinaro Construction Company, Walsh Construction, Whiting-Turner, WM Schlosser, and Wohlsen. JJID often deals directly with owners as well and has created many long term relationships.

JJID has performed numerous site work projects in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania for schools, hospitals, utility companies, large box stores and private businesses. Work included construction of parking lots, utility work, drainage, sidewalks, bike paths, retaining walls, pump stations, hot mix, concrete paving and curbing, dirt embankments, soil stabilization, soil cement and retention ponds.

JJID has completed several high profile and time-sensitive projects. One such example is Bloom Energy, Inc. awarded JJID, Inc. the contract for the construction of a The Red Lion Energy Fuel Cell Project. The project duration is on a fast track basis in order to allow Bloom Energy to be able to tie into the Red Lion Substation during a five day window of time mandated by the State of Delaware. JJID had to work with challenging Site Conditions that included Hurricane Sandy as well as a Tornado. JJID cleared three (3) acres of trees and vegetation, excavated and embanked 14,000 cys of dirt, stripped and replaced 5000 cys of topsoil, installed 1700 lf of storm drain, placed over 19000 tons of crushed concrete and quarry stone and created 2 bio retention areas with over 2000 cys of mulch and media in a condensed 6 month time frame.

JJID has a proven track record of success and the ability to be competitive as a site work contractor on projects of all sizes, from under $1 million to site work packages in the $5 to $10 million range.

Concrete Paving

JJID continues to grow as one of the strongest regional competitors in concrete paving. Every year JJID performs contracts both large and small for DelDOT and the Maryland State Highway Administration. Often times other contractors will subcontract the concrete paving portion of their contract to JJID because of our expertise in this area. JJID paving projects have received performance bonuses from DelDOT for ride smoothness. An instrument called a Profilograph is used to measure the smoothness of concrete pavement surfaces. This type of bonus is awarded for exceeding the highest smoothness criteria specified by DelDOT.

Another was the Express Lanes at the Route 1 Toll Plaza in Dover. JJID performed all of the concrete paving under contract for Bramble Construction. The project required very close coordination among the contractors and DelDOT. This project also received a performance bonus for the ride smoothness of finished pavement.

JJID in 2019 completed a specialized precast slab center lane and paved the 2 adjacent lanes of Route 7 in the vicinity on the Christiana Mall. This experimental paving had only been attempted in the state once before and JJID received accolades for the skill and quality of our craftsmanship. They finished this paving well ahead of schedule for a busy holiday season.

JJID has always excelled in concrete paving on both large and small projects. Our track record of success and safety in the area of concrete paving is attributed to years of experience. It is our experience at all personnel levels that makes us strong; starting with management and continuing all the way through our supervisory staff and field personnel.

Bridge & Road


The winner of four prestigious bridge awards from four different agencies, JJID is an accomplished and versatile bridge builder. Whether working as a general contractor or as a subcontractor, JJID has brought its expertise to bear on over 50 bridge jobs in Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

While JJID handles many bridge types, one that has become a specialty is the bridge over water. These projects, ignored by other general contractors because they require pile driving or stream diversion and protection, are in JJID’s wheelhouse. JJID replaces these aged structures, some requiring urgent attention, under very short turnarounds.

JJID has completed hundreds of these jobs in our history. One, emergency repairs on the James Street Bridge in Newport, DE, received the Construction Excellence Award from the Delaware Contractors Association.

Another project required the replacement of an existing structure over Muddy Run Creek in Newark, Delaware. JJID worked closely with the University of Delaware research laboratory to utilize cutting edge materials and methods. As a result, this project received the American Society of Civil Engineers, Delaware Section, Project of the Year Award, and was recognized as the Outstanding Bridge Project by the Delaware Department of Transportation.

Other notable bridge projects include:

  • PennDOT Route 41 in Cochranville, Chester County – working as the general contractor, JJID replaced the bridge over Knights Run. The job featured intricate traffic phasing to handle very heavy truck traffic. JJID was able to successfully overcome both the depth of the structure and challenging soil conditions. Another critical element of the project was the post tensioning of the pre-cast arch sections.
  • DelDOT Route 141 in New Castle County, Delaware over I-95 – Removal and replacement of the concrete bridge decks and parapets. Also, concrete pier rehabilitation and structural steel repairs including bridge expansion dams. All of the work was performed under live traffic conditions. Many activities were restricted to night time operations to avoid peak traffic.
  • DelDOT Route 6 over Duck Creek, Woodland Beach Delaware – Major bridge repairs including resurfacing of the bridge deck with micro-silica modified concrete, installation of elastomeric expansion joints and repairs to the substructure including the jacketing of existing steel pilings. The Delaware Contractors Association and the State of Delaware awarded the 2005 Construction Excellence Award to JJID for our work on this project.
  • MDSHA Route 272 and I-95 interchange in North East, Maryland – involved pile driving, major earth moving and rock blasting, together with new ramps and re-construction of a structure spanning I-95.
  • MDSHA Route 13 in Pocomoke City, Maryland – Construction of temporary cross-overs to divert traffic to the southbound bridge in conjunction with the complete removal and replacement of the northbound bridge deck and parapets without hindrance to train traffic below.


Highways, byways, and gateways, JJID has built them all. At the core of JJID is highway construction – earthmoving, grading, and paving. It is difficult to travel in DelMarVa without using a road built or improved upon by Joe Julian, Jim Julian, and JJID.

Given its rich history and deep experience, it comes as no surprise that JJID has received multiple awards for its road construction projects. They are two time winners of the Construction Excellence Award jointly bestowed by the State of Delaware and the Delaware Contractors Association. JJID also won an Outstanding Highway Project award from the Delaware Department of Transportation.

Notable projects include:

  • DelDOT Route 7- Super Slab Precast Road paving and adjacent lane paving on an expedited schedule.
  • DelDOT SR 896 from Route 40 to Interstate 95 – extensive earth-moving and concrete paving.
  • DelDOT Route 141 in New Castle County, Delaware from Newport to Prices Corner – a major concrete paving job completed within stringent completion-date specifications. Recognized as the 1998 Outstanding Highway Project by the Delaware Department of Transportation.
  • MDSHA Route 40 in Elkton, Maryland – Extensive widening and traffic pattern adjustments to accommodate the newly constructed Wal-Mart Supercenter.
  • Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Reading Interchange - Additional tollbooths and concrete paving.